Grasso Development Corp | Accolades
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“It is with great pleasure that we write a testimonial for Grasso Development Corp. We hired Jeff to build our house and couldn’t be happier with the results. After meeting with several builders , it was clear that Jeff’s craftsmanship and demeanor were a good fit for us. The project came in on time with very few of the inevitable surprises one hears about. When there was an unexpected issue, Jeff handled it with with ease and a professional manner that comes with his years of experience. The project has been compete for almost 2 years, however Jeff continues to be a valuable resource to us.

We have recommended Grasso Development several times already, and will continue to do so. He and his crew are truly a pleasure to work with.”

– Nicole and Jim Regan

“Working with Grasso Development Corp was a wonderful experience.

We interviewed 4 contractors and realized immediately that Jeff understood our vision and we felt very comfortable with him and his crew. Jeff’s demeanor is very positive and cheerful. He is easy to talk to, accommodating and up front with all issues.

As we got started Jeff suggested special touches that really made a difference, from the tray ceiling with uplighting in our master suite to the special stonework around our patio and hot tub. We doubled the size of our house, yet the craftsmanship is so seamless no one can tell where the old house ended and the new addition begins.

Jeff achieved opening up a traditional small tudor into an exceptional open flow home with lots of light, special details that are charming and beautiful throughout and no wasted space.

The crew took special care to clean up the site at the end of each day, and throughout our project we received many compliments from surrounding neighbors on how polite the crew was and how immaculate they left our property every day. They are very respectful and would never take a shortcut in their work. No one slacks off, they put in a full hardworking day every day to get the job done.

One additional bonus is that after our project ended Jeff was very willing to come back any time for any adjustments and questions we had. Jeff’s truly a master of his craft. As an individual he has a lot of integrity and his mission is to please his client. A long the way we built up a great relationship and friendship. It’s rare to leave on excellent terms with your contractor. In our case it was a great finish.

We have recommended Grasso Development Corp to several of our friends and two are currently in renovations with Jeff. Everyone agrees, Jeff is the best!”

– Valerie and John Barrett

“With Grasso Development, not only do you get talented craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail, you also get dedicated service that extends beyond completion of the project. During the last major storm while away on vacation, Jeff Grasso, checked on our home and found water flooding into the basement. He handled this disaster for us and prevented major damage to our home. This is whom you want to do business with.”

– Gina and Charles Oestreicher

“We couldn’t be happier with the renovation of our home that Grasso Development Corp completed for us in March 2006. Your task was not that simple as you needed to integrate the original portion of our 1939 house with a brand new addition we put on in 2004. Both structures were completely different architecturally and you had to work with drawings that were lacking in detail.

As you know we were not happy with the builder that built our addition.  We engaged you because of your well deserved reputation. Comparing the quality and timeliness of your work with our first builder could not have been any greater of a contrast.

Thank you for making us proud of our home and finally happy with our decision of buying a work-in-progress.

We have recommended you a few times already and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again. So please let us know if any one of your prospective clients would like to hear about our experience.”

– Brad and Lisa Davidoff

“Building a house is one thing and building a home is another. Jeff Grasso built us our dream home.

We had rented in Rye for a few years before buying our very first house knowing we were going to tear it down. This was very unsettling. We had our plans and had 5 builders look at them and bid. Jeff Grasso stood out for a number of reasons. Not only did he know what he was talking about; he truly cared about our plans and felt vested in making it all happen. An impromptu visit to our newly bought tear down together made all the difference for me as Jeff laid out the plans across the hood of his truck and pointed to places on the property. We felt confident he was the builder for us and we are proud to say Jeff Grasso, along with Grasso Development built a beautiful home on North Street in Rye and we continue to get rave comments to this day eight years later. All through the building process, Jeff is accessible and present from the back generator, to the painting, to the tiling, to the improvising, to the adjusting; he is patient and knowledgeable. He drove out to New Jersey to show my husband cabinets for the kitchen and he drove me to a few places to look at granite and marble. He helps you sort through decisions that are emotional at the time like choosing the siding of the chimneys: rock or brick. We compromised on our vision and went with brick. The rock sample Jeff got from Albany was used on a fireplace and the brick was done with great skill which incorporated a herringbone pattern. A totally win-win situation for us, who had our plans drawn up with a rock exterior plus we saved money on our budget. We simply love our home.

Even now, Jeff is just a phone call away. I have asked him to help a neighbor with a water problem and with no hesitation, he went and gave his expert opinion on the drainage system in their flooded basement. Quality and integrity are just two quick words about Jeff Grasso and the way he builds HOMES.”

– Cynthia Deen

I want you to know how very pleased I am with the extensive renovations you did on my home. Your work is top-notch, and I do not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone seeking a contractor.

You and your crew are extremely professional and a true pleasure to work with. You are creative and made many suggestions as to how we could further enhance the attractiveness and function of my house. You displayed a great deal of patience with the many changes we made to our plans along the way.

All in all, you made what can be a difficult undertaking into a truly rewarding and pleasant experience.”

– Gerald Tsai Jr.

“It is with great pleasure that I write a letter highlighting the incredible work of Mr. Jeff Grasso and his team. We added on approximately 3,000 square feet to our home in a project that lasted a little more than one year. The time during this renovation, we lived at home with our three little children. Needless to say, this can sound overwhelming. However, the experience was simply fine.

Jeff and his artisans were a delight to have around, meticulous with their work, and at the end of every day our home was spotless. The workmanship is a must see, as words cannot do the justice it deserves.  The new stonework is an exact match to the existing. One would never know a new addition has been added to our home, as the transition from old to new appears seamless. My husband and I feel like we live in a masterpiece, and all those that visit agree that the outcome is outstanding.

I welcome you to come see our home and trust you will agree. In summary, a successful project is not only the outcome, but the experience during the construction. In over one year, there was not a single disturbing event. Everything went smoothly and fast, and changes we requested were a non-issue.”

– Gina Imperato

“Jeff was easy to talk to and very easy to work with. When we had to make a few changes, he came up with great ideas. I think the best part of working with Jeff was that when we encountered little problems along the way, he did his best to make it work out.”

— Susan Mullane

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did on the renovation of our Bedford home. It was a pleasure dealing with you and everyone at Grasso Development Corp. We are incredibly pleased with the outcome: you helped us create the vision we had for our home and it is both aesthetically beautiful and incredibly functional.

The personal nature in which you all approached our project was not only refreshing but really made us feel as though we were partners together. It’s nice to be able to say we enjoyed working with our contractor – not something one often hears in this day and age! I would also like to applaud you for completing the work within the original time frame and budget discussed. The finished product is of course amazing, not the least of which is the gorgeous fieldstone fireplace you created as the centerpiece of our family room, as well as its coffered ceiling and many, many other special touches throughout.

We have spent many special times at our home with our family and friends and are continually told how warm and wonderful it feels.  We are extremely happy to have worked with you all to help create this marvelous environment and of course will happily recommend Grasso Development to others.”

– Julie Dien Ledoux

“Robert and I are both so happy with the house you have built us. It is solid and beautiful. We appreciate how conscientious you were throughout the entire process. It really made the construction year easy on us. You were always one or two steps ahead of us with the town permits and approvals that we needed.

We never had to have any concern or questions over the direction you were going with the process. We are very grateful that you stopped during our times of hesitations or when we wanted to change something. I am sure it would have been easier to just go on and proceed with the plans we had approved. But every time we wanted to make a change or question the architecture, you were helpful in bringing us to the result we wanted.

We now have this gorgeous house that really is just what we wanted. Every time there was any issue, it was so comforting to call you. You always solved any problem on the spot which was such a relief every time something came up. I remember standing in the middle of the driveway when your crew was ready to build the oval planter. Robert didn’t like it and you just stood there with him, figured out something totally different, changed the plan, and started the new design the next day. That kind of on site problem solving was unbelievable in the big project we had here.

We trusted you completely with our project and it was the smartest thing we ever did! With the help of your father’s experience with all of the land issues, grading, and foundation work, we felt so sure that we were in great hands. And with your crew, everything was done so well. The employees you have are the most careful, skilled and kind people and were so pleasant to have working here. We have fond memories of the front stone going up last winter and then with the same crew laying the asphalt driveway in the spring. I looked forward to seeing the crew every day I came by to check on progress. They felt like an extended family to us.

We would highly recommend you to any one looking for a contractor and we actually already have many times over! From the first time we met and gave you our budget (which you met), we had an open and honest relationship that ended in our beautiful and well built home. All the sub contractors that you introduced us to were professional and added great features to our home. We love our fireplace surrounds, our custom desk and mantle, the sound and audio system, and all the care that the plumbers took in the construction phase. We are completely set up to do everything we wanted and it is so nice that all of this was done early enough in the process, thanks to your advice.

So thank you for a beautiful home that we will enjoy for our lifetime. It was a pleasure having you build it. We heard so many stories of bad experiences from our friends, and we came away with none of those!  Thank you for your cooperation with our indecisions. In the end, your patience was what kept the whole project moving smoothly to an amazing end product.”

– Valerie Gonzalez-Molina